Barrister and Solicitor

Barrister and Solicitor

Dr. Wolfgang Eickhoff
Dr. Wolfgang Eickhoff

Our Motto: Legal advice is not only based on solid legal knowledge but also on mutual trust.

The law firm Dr. Wolfgang Eickhoff’s fundamentals are long lasting experience in the overall civil, banking, financing, supervisory, labor, administrative (public) and international law.

After 11 years of activity as senior banker in Munich and Berlin in Germany and Paris in France, always responsible for legal and financial aspects as well as a long experience in legal departments in Munich, I am well prepared to offer profound legal advice on German and international aspects.

Communication will be particularly smooth as given my career I speak fluently English and French –and German of course.

The law firm focuses for the time being on aspects of financial and banking cases, issues related to illiquid customers of my client and the strong efforts to recover the outstanding amounts using all my experience and contacts and several cases on international business (Swiss, US, Austrian).

Furthermore, I am mandated by two other law firms to solve special cases needing either a special financial know-how or particular language skills.

My financial experience given my career is a major “trump card” for my clients.

Given my career as a senior banker and my work as a legal counsel, my doctorate and my employment at a university institute for international law have me prepared well for doing international business.

You may choose between an advice given in English, German or French.

Areas of special interest and experience:

Business law
Banking and finance law
Labor law
Rental contracts
Criminal law
Public law

Dr. Wolfgang Eickhoff

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